Opening a Bottle would simply not be possible without Hailey. Her design of the site immediately made it one of the most vivid and engaging platforms in the wine world, all without sacrificing performance and speed from a search standpoint. That alone has given me the freedom to explore wine in a way that few others can, and a dedicated audience has followed as a result — roughly 175,000 readers a year! Also, her command of WordPress and its capabilities means that she routinely takes my outlandish ideas for the site — such as Google Map integration and Eventbrite ticket sales for my tastings — and turns them into reality.
—Kevin Day, Wine Blogger

Opening a Bottle

Opening a Bottle is a tribute to the world’s wine regions, its bounty of grape varieties, and the clever people who know how to get the most out of them. It is an exploration of that nebulous, hard-to-pin-down magic of wine: its flavor, aroma, and the far-off places it so strongly evokes. It is also a tribute to breaking bread and sharing wine with other people. The act of “opening a bottle” is about more than just drinking. Bottles are meant to be shared … everyone enjoying the same thing, but experiencing it in their own way. This lies at the core of what makes wine more compelling than any other drink out there.

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